Let us assist you in developing a
cost-effective roof management program. 

 The roof system is an integral, yet often overlooked, component of any building whether commercial, industrial or institutional. 
A properly designed, installed, and maintained roof is vital to the long-term performance of the structure to ensure protection of the occupants and building contents.
Roofs do not last forever. Poor workmanship, incompatible materials, and lack of proper inspection
and scheduled maintenance can significantly decrease the service life of a roof.    

Dycon Roof Consultants Inc.

is an independent roof consulting firm located in Burlington, Ontario, with associated offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Halifax...

Roofs are one of the most expensive building assets.

As such, the process of managing roof-related problems can be complicated, confusing,

and costly...

  • Replacement Management

  • Roof Evaluation

  • Leak Management

  • Warranty Management

  • Solar Installation Management

  • Maintenance & Repair Management...