Dycon has a successful history servicing a wide range of clients with a varied range of objectives. Whether our client is large or small, public or private, commercial or industrial, the intent is to create a roof management plan that is cost-effective and will maximize the service life of your roof(s). 

Our services include: 


Replacement Management

A roof replacement can be overwhelming and complicated to those not familiar with the process. Dycon's Replacement Management service provides clients with the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully guide you through every aspect of the replacement process, including roof design, specifications, tendering, contract administration, and inspections.


Let Dycon assist you in managing your roof replacement from start to finish. 

Roof Evaluation

A comprehensive Roof Evaluation will reveal details about your roof that are critical in making successful and educated roof-related decisions. During an evaluation, Dycon will gather and document the necessary information to provide you with a detailed report that identifies the condition and concerns of your roof and provides recommendations and estimated budgets for repair and/or replacement.


Let Dycon assist you in assessing the current condition and needs of your roof. 

Leak Management

A roof leak can disrupt business operations, cause immediate damage to the building structure and contents, and create potential safety hazards. Dycon provides a 24/7/365 emergency leak response service to help you in the event of a roof leak.


Let Dycon assist you in establishing a leak management program to protect your building's assets. 

Maintenance & Repair Management

Following a Roof Evaluation, Dycon presents clients with a list of Maintenance & Repair Recommendations which, if performed, are intended to extend the service life of the roof. Dycon will coordinate the repairs with a qualified roofing contractor and follow-up with a detailed report and photographic summary.


Let Dycon assist you in extending the service life of your roof. 

Thermographic Infrared Scanning & Analysis

Moisture contamination within a roof system is a major source of leaks and a potential source of structural damage if left undetected. As sub-surface moisture tends to spread quickly, early detection can mean the difference between a small repair and a major replacement. Dycon uses thermographic infrared technology to identify the presence of moisture within a roof system. The information gathered is used to identify areas of immediate concern and aids decision-making for long-term roof maintenance and/or replacement.


Let our certified thermographers assist you in detecting the presence of moisture in your roof. 

Warranty Management

Rooftop warranties provide building owners with protection against installation errors and material defects. If your roof is currently under warranty, Dycon will perform a site inspection to ensure that any deficiencies covered under the warranty are identified prior to the warranty's expiration.


Let Dycon assist you in achieving the most out of your roof warranty.

Solar Installation Management

Roof-mounted solar arrays are not suitable for all roofs and can cause damage to a roof if incorrectly installed. Dycon's Solar Installation Management service will help you to determine the suitability of your roof for solar and will ensure that the necessary precautions are taken to protect your roof during and after installation.


Let Dycon assist you in protecting your roof throughout your solar installation project. 

New Construction Consultation

The roof is a central component of any building structure and should be durable and weather-resistant in order to protect the building and its contents. Prior to construction, Dycon will guide you through the design process to ensure that a suitable roof system is selected and that the design meets your needs. During construction, Dycon performs regular work-in-progress inspections to ensure that the installation of the roof is successful and free of deficiencies.


Let Dycon assist you in the roofing component of your new building construction. 

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